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What is Reiki? The direct translation is; Rei, universal and Ki, life energy or life force. Universal Life energy 
How does Reiki Heal? Sessions (Attunements) help remove blockages in the chakras/meridians &/or increase your life energy/life force flow throughout your body, enabling you to heal in a natural way. It may take more than one session to rebuild your energy and immune system. Please note; Reiki does not replace western medicine. Please note; if the person I am treating is open to it, I use crystals, an eagle feather and/or cedar to help with the balancing or removing blockages (help with the healing.)

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Product Provided By: Salish Butterfly

Salish Butterfly

Salish Butterfly is about working together; an opportunity for likeminded people to improve our minds, bodies and souls. Striving for freedom from the everyday and bringing the sense of true self a little closer to being content and happiness shine from within. 

Who am I? I am Interior & Coast Salish. I believe in opportunities to live well and take the time to enjoy life's gifts with others. I am aware that it takes self-discipline to create a healthy environment for ourselves. My journey in life has my energy focusing on unconditional love (physical/east direction), clarity of mind (mental/south direction), Vitality/Creativity (Emotional/West direction) and Consistency (Spiritual/North Direction). I lead with gentleness.

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