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The session would be experiencing an hour session that involves Touch for Health techniques to help remove and release the stress around a specific issue determined by the client. Muscle testing is a way for the body to be heard and shares a deeper insight to the story behind the discomfort, pain or stiffness. Once the stress is released the body's natural healing energy takes over and restores itself just the way nature intended. 

Be Healthy and Make It A Great Day, 

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ESP Parenting

ESP Parent Inc. was birthed from mothers coming together with a common desire to impact the lives of other families and offer whole being support.

Holding space to for all the facets of life while raising a children, where the honoring process of personal development could be fertilized for a brighter future for all members of your family.

Along the way we continue to invest in our education to help our program development evolve and be the catalyst others desire to level up in life

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