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2017 Estate Pinot Gris: 750mL bottle White Wine - This Gris got incredibly sweet in this vintage. It actually has the residual sweetness of a late harvest, but without the raisiny, late harvest flavours. Absolutely bursting with all fruit, from peaches and pears to passion fruit and papaya.

2017 Estate Merechal Foch: 750mL bottle Red Wine - We made this ruby red quasi-nouveau style with no oak and no malolactic fermentation. A cheery, cherry red with the tartness of Marello cherries and cranberries.

2017 Estate Pinot Blanc: 750mL bottle White Wine - A bright wine with aromas that range from tropical fruits to floral. Fairly dry, with good acidity and just the faintest flicker of residual sweetness. A rich nose of baked golden apples, cantaloupe, gooseberry, and passion fruit.

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Rollingdale Winery

Rollingdale provides an authentic experience behind the scenes, right inside the cellar of this 100% family-owned organic winery. This hidden gem is just 1 minute from the highway off Boucherie Rd in West Kelowna. We are open every day and will happily guide you through a delicious range of wines and offer some wine making insights. Grab a glass of wine and some snacks and enjoy the spectacular lake views from our picnic area. Dogs can play while you relax with friends.

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