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Pawcademy Free set of classes of choice ($300 value)

Pawtanical Starter Pack +

• 1 x 30 mL bottle of PawDaily Full Spectrum Hemp Health Oil
• 1x 30 mL bottle of Pawtality Antioxident & Omega-3 Oil
• 2 x Package of Pawsitive Reinforcement Hemp Health Treats
• 1 x 16 oz. bottle of sPaw Clean All-Natural Shampoo
• 1 x 16 oz. bottle of sPaw Smooth All-Natural Dog Conditioner
• 1 x 4 oz bottle of sPaw Express Leave-In Dog Shampoo
• 1x Sniff & Shake Nose & Paw Balm
• 1 x Pawtanical Hemp Collar- size of your choice
• 1 x Pawtanical Hemp Leash- size of your choice

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Product Provided By: Pawcademy & Pawtanical

Pawcademy & Pawtanical

Pawcademy was established to offer local pet owners in the Okanagan a controlled & comfortable indoor environment to work with their dog year round. We are proud to have the best independent dog trainers in the Okanagan with a wide variety of classes for you and your dog.



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