"Winter Solstice" canvas print by Michael Creese | Private Donor

Framed canvas canvas print by Michael Creese: "Winter Solstice". Dimensions: 48"x38" (finished size incl. frame is W 49.5"x H 39.5").

About the artist: 
Best known for his study of Japanese Koi Fish, Michael Creese is a master of the oil impasto style, a technique where paint is thickly applied to canvas, leaving visible brush strokes. This adds incredible texture to his stunning and modern collection of exotic animals, contemporary instruments, and boldly impressionistic land and seascapes.

Additional Information:
Item is located in Kelowna, BC and can be picked up in-person. Alternatively, the winning bid is responsible for mailing costs.

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Product Provided By: Private Donor

Interior Wildlife Rehabilitation Society
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