This package is exceptional, especially because each piece of it was donated by a local artist willing to share their heart with us [excluding the incredible Bottles to Beads necklace that is included (made by four incredible Nepalese women that run our Unako jewellery line in Dang, Nepal)].

Earrings, Janet Stein
Janet is an exceptional designer and metalsmith based out of her home in Kelowna, BC. These earrings from her are a true work of art, designed and handcrafted here in the Okanagan Valley.

Bracelet, Francine Walker
What can we say about Francine? She is a Board Member of Her International and our newly appointed Director of Product Design. It was she whom helped bring the Bottles to Beads line to fruition, and today she's gifted us a stunning brass & silver bracelet to offer up for auction. (See picture, only one included in gift package).

Jacket, JujuJackets
Chloe is a local yoga teacher and student who started JujuJackets from her funky passion for style and story combined. "Your jacket becomes a part of you. A piece of you that completes you when you decide to enter the outside world. How do you present yourself? Do you feel funky? Professional? Bad-ass? Beautiful? Confident? Wear your heart on your sleeve. And don't forget your jacket."
She donated, out of the grace of her sweet heart, the "Canned Tomatoes" vintage jacket, complete with a heart sewn on the sleeve and a personal note to the purchaser hidden inside the jacket. Does it get any more meaningful than that?
Womens Size Medium
Outer Shell 100% Acrylic, Lining 100% Nylon, Fill 100 % Polyester

Necklace, Unako Bottles to Beads line
This is one of the first eight necklaces of our newest social initiative Bottles to Beads. The other seven already sold out so it's your only chance to grab one of these before Spring 2018.

Bottles to Beads is a social and environmental initiative with Her International's social enterprise line of products: Unako. In 2017, four women were sent for training to learn the art of crushing glass bottles (seen everywhere in Nepal) and making them into beautiful, intricate, individual beads. Now have livelihoods completely supported by this project.

Package Includes:

  • Earrings by Janet Stein ($91)
  • Francine bracelet ($95)
  • Juju Jacket ($77)
  • Bottles to Beads necklace ($75)

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