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Feeling tired? Looking to boost your immune system during cold and flu season? Wanting to lessen the symptoms of a hangover? Experiencing sore muscles following intense workouts? Or just looking for an overall health boost? IV therapy is a great way to get vitamins, minerals, and amino acids right into the bloodstream, allowing for maximal absorption.

Utilize this opportunity to experience IV therapy with 3 treatments, must be booked in with Dr. Hatton or Dr. Hennigar.

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Product Provided By: Helix Integrative Health

Helix Integrative Health

Dr. Hennigar and Dr. Hatton are licensed naturopathic physicians in Kelowna providing primary care as well as anti-aging and aesthetic medicine to patients. They are highly trained and strive to customize treatment towards the goals and needs of the patient. Their therapies include but are not limited to therapeutic IVs, aesthetic injections (botulinum a toxin, dermal fillers, weight loss shots), prolotherapy, neural therapy, and hormone replacement and restoration therapy. They meet patients where they are and help identify and treat obstacles to optimal health.


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