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Whether you are a seasonal business or just looking for a social media setup/revamp, BNL is here to help! When you choose to purchase a Social Media Takeover, BNL becomes a part of your marketing team for 6 weeks to help set up your accounts for success and we even launch your social platforms and run them for an entire month so that things start rolling and organic growth and sales occur right away! All you will need to do is maintain the momentum and listen to all the knowledge and systems they hand over to you.

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BNL Media Consulting

BNL Media Consulting specializes in all things digital marketing with a strong focus on social media as the primary traffic driver and community builder for your brand. They pride themselves on being Instagram forward due to their ability to build profitable communities both online and offline. If you want more people calling you, booking appointments online, or simply walking through your store then BNL is the company for you!

The connections they build for you with new and existing customers is what sets them apart in the digital marketing world.

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