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Product Provided By: is. Salon Group

is. Salon Group
is. Salon Group has a passion for hairdressing and a commitment to excellence. Our award winning international stylists involve themselves in all aspects of the fashion and industry participating in photo-shoots, fashion shows, hair shows as well as award ceremonies and celebrity styling.
The Hair Cares Foundation

Established in May 2018, The Hair Cares Foundation is a charity which aims to promote equality, empowerment and self-worth to underprivileged youth and young adults around the world. We are committed to providing a skill set which can be used universally to generate an income. This education in a career will not only alleviate poverty, but will generate feelings of self-esteem in the youth of tomorrow. On a practical level these young adults will not only be taught a valuable skill set, but will be provided with the necessary tools to enable them to execute their newly acquired trade.


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