Karis Support Society


Recognizing Potential, Supporting Recovery and Restoring Lives

Karis Support Society is a non-profit organization that provides recovery-focused counselling, programming and support to women, and women with babies or children within a supportive home environment.

Our clients are women whose experiences of trauma, abuse, crisis or overwhelming stress have led to substance abuse or mental health challenges which have negatively impacted their lives and they are now actively working on personal recovery.

Karis is situated in the Okanagan Valley and our mandate is to empower and equip individuals with skills so that they can successfully transition back into society. 

We would love your support!  To learn more about our organization or to make a donation please visit www.karis-society.org or email info@karis-society.org

Find us on social media:  facebook/ karis support society and Instagram:  karis.kelowna


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